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The COBRA5208 (COBRA = ColdFire Board for Rapid Applications) module is a versatile and cost effective single board computer based on the Freescale ColdFire Processor MCF5208.

COBRA5208 Module Features

  • COBRA5208ColdFire MCF5208 processor
  • 166 MHz, up to 159 MIPS
  • 8 kByte internal SRAM
  • 16 MByte flash (optionally up to 64 MByte)
  • 16 MByte SDRAM
  • 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface
  • 3x SCI (UART) with handshake
  • QSPI and I2C interface
  • Real time clock with interrupt
  • On-board temperature sensor
  • 2x connectors 2.54 mm
  • Standard Background Debug Mode (BDM) connector
  • Single 3.3 V operating voltage
  • Freescale dBug ROM monitor pre-installed
  • uClinux software package optionally available
  • Size of module: 68 mm x 54 mm

Starter Kit with carrier board available.
Size of carrier board: 100 mm x 100 mm

Separate BDM interface adaptor available.


  • COBRA5208 Starter Serial-to-Ethernet interface
  • uClinux applications
  • Measurement equipment
  • Industrial control and automation
  • Medical equipment
  • Data logging
  • Embedded Internet
  • Training and seminars

Optional Upgrades

Optional support of IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol (DP83640 Precision PHYTER populated instead of DP83848I standard industrial PHYTER).

Optionally populated 1 MByte (262,144 x 32) MRAM (Magnetoresitive Random Access Memory). MRAM is a nonvolatile memory technology that does not require periodic refreshing and provides an infinite number of write cycles.

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Download this file (cobra5208productinformation20090302.pdf)cobra5208productinformation20090302.pdfCOBRA5208 Product Information188 Kb
Download this file (cobraconnectproductinformation.pdf)cobraconnectproductinformation.pdfBDM Interface Product Information291 Kb