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COBRA5329 Description

COBRA5329COBRA Module with SVGA Graphics Controller

The MCF532x (DragonFire) is a 32-bit microprocessor family based on the established ColdFire architecture using a high-performance V3 core with 240 MHz clock developed for man-machine interface applications that use graphics, such as measuring devices, operation terminals, etc. All members of the family contain a 32 kByte internal SRAM, an SVGA LCD controller (up to 800 x 600), USB Host and USB on-the-go, an SDRAM controller for two memory banks, a 16-channel DMA controller, three UARTs, a queued SPI interface as well as other peripheral elements.

The COBRA5329 module is a versatile single board computer based on the MCF5329 ColdFire microprocessor. It has all the necessary features to build a „stand alone“ system and can be integrated into a customer‘s application. The COBRA5329 has been developed as a joint project of EBV Elektronik, National Semiconductor, Freescale, senTec Elektronik and emlix.

The uClinux Board Support Package (BSP) is a standard delivery component of the COBRA5329 starter kit. The BSP comprises a current Linux toolchain (compiler, etc.) tailored to the DragonFire, and a core with root file system optimised to the board. With the support of the integrated SVGA LCD controller and a range of sample programs for the Nano-X graphical user interface, developers can start programming their own graphical applications within a relatively short time. The Board Support Package includes a coLinux-based development environment that allows the board to be initialized directly from a Windows XP PC.

COBRA5329 Module Features

  • COBRA5329 Module ColdFire MCF5329 processor, 240 MHz clock, 211 MIPS performance
  • 16 MByte Flash memory (optional up to 64 MByte)
  • 16 MByte SDRAM (optional up to 32 MByte)
  • SVGA LCD controller (up to 800 x 600)
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet interface
  • Encryption hardware (AES, 3DES, RNG …)
  • 2x SCI (UART)
  • CAN 2.0B interface
  • Queued Serial Peripheral interface (QSPI) with 7 chip selects
  • I2C bus interface
  • Real Time Clock with interrupt
  • On-board temperature sensor
  • 32-Bit processor bus
  • USB Host and on-the-go (OTG) interfaces
  • Selectable boot configuration
  • Freescale dBug ROM monitor pre-installed
  • uClinux software package and NanoX available
  • Single 3.3 V supply voltage
  • 2x2 120-pin high density connectors on top and bottom sides
  • Dimensions: 48 mm x 68 mm, 4 mounting holes

COBRA5329 Carrier Board

  • COBRA5329 Kit Two board-to-board connectors for the COBRA5329 processor module
  • 3.3 V and 5 V voltage regulators
  • RJ45 twisted pair Ethernet connector
  • Two RS232 interfaces with driver
  • CAN driver and interface
  • Multi Media Card interface
  • USB Host and on-the-go (OTG) Connectors
  • TFT display interface connector
  • Touch screen controller with interface
  • Standard Background Debug Mode (BDM) connector
  • Four driven LEDs
  • Reset and IRQ 7 pushbuttons
  • Power ON/OFF switch
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) and external power supply options
  • Dimensions: 120 mm x 150 mm
  • Separate BDM interface available

COBRA5329 Software

  • uClinux operating system with NanoX graphical user interface
  • Board Support Package with coLinux-based development environment

COBRA5329 Optional Updates

  • Flash memory upgrade: 32 MByte instead of 16 MByte
  • Flash memory upgrade: 64 MByte instead of 16 MByte

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